Game variants

It is obvious that in many regions and preferences in some sectors of daily life may differ. This also applies to gaming machines. In the case of slot machines, their development in each country was influenced by the following two factors: national preferences and the legislative side.

In almost every developed country, there are both standard, familiar slots (which were developed in the states) and video slots (of which Australia is the home country). This helps people to get their own game method. However, in some countries there are their own, individual analogues of the aforementioned machines. In the list of Japanese inventions there is patinko. The game is a gambling variety of ordinary pinball. It appeared in Japan, the 2000s. A person buys metal balls, which then charges, and they fly into a virtual field. The ball jumps across the field and either flies and falls down the machine, or hits one of a dozen targets. Since most of the gambling is officially banned in Japan, the patinko remains popular to this day. There are no cash prizes in the patinko, but the Japanese have contrived and invented a way to convert the patinko into a partly cash game.

Not far from many gambling establishments with patinko there are stalls and shops where you can exchange toys won in the machine for money “on the spot”. In Europe, there are somewhat similar gaming machines. For example, known to each “crane machine”, when playing in which the player needs to get a toy using a device that looks like a crane. It is said that the frequency of the winnings in these machines is preset and the winnings do not depend on the player at all, but particularly observant people can find some pattern in the winnings and, having watched the moment, get a toy for themselves. Another interesting kind of slot machines there are American “fruit” machines. They differ from ordinary machines in that they are equipped with several additional functions. Function number one is to hold (Hold) the required number of reels (vertical lines). Suppose you fell two identical fruits, you can press Hold, and during the next rotation the drums with these two identical fruits will not be activated. And you just need to wait for the symbol of the third cherry on the screen of the machine. The second possibility is a certain number of reels, in which case the symbols on the selected columns will move one row down. True, the winnings in real “fruit” devices are not high enough, and you won’t find them online in every casino. AWP (Amusement with Prizes, translated from English means “entertainment with prizes” or “pleasure with prizes”), to which a bonus round was added, which starts when an additional combination of characters on the machine screen coincides, became heirs of “fruit” machines. In the bonus game, your task is to successively win several Hi-Low levels (a number from one to twelve is given you need to correctly guess whether the number will be higher or lower).

Each level won increases the winnings. After winning a few dozen times in a row, a player can reach the top of the pyramid, where the winnings will be several dozen dollars. Sometimes there is a choice of payout with prizes – money, “nudging” of the table, or a special bonus game. Ancestor of this type of machine is England. As you can see, national features are inherent even in game slots. Not all of them can come across your favorite online casino, but you will most likely see some new types of slots there.

Varieties of online slots

In the casino, the best slots are a huge choice, so players are often lost in what to play at a certain moment. This allows you to choose a device every day, discovering something new. Famous game developers, who are talked about in many countries, are constantly updating the virtual world of gambling. Thanks to their creativity, the number of exciting new games is constantly growing. Even experienced players point out that there are automatic machines on which they have not yet had time to play. And this means that users will quickly pick up the machine, in which they fall in love and spend precious moments of leisure. The authoritative casino offers about 1 thousand slot machines. Each player receives:

  • colorful gaming slot from Gaminator, in which more than a hundred scenes from famous Hollywood films and characters of ancient Egypt;
  • cozy comfortable gaming devices from Igrosoft;
  • hits among the machines from the Swedish company NetEnt.

For the convenience of players, as a rule, all models are divided into categories. There are classic all-beloved slots 777, simple and minimized in the rules of the game, available to all users. There are already advanced models with the theme of modern genres of animation and film industry. Absolutely new options are represented for sophisticated gamers.

Huge selection allows you to select and change machines every day. This will allow you to have fun while constantly learning something new. Fascinating, atmospheric, with various plots and bonuses, cars will surely attract attention. In online casinos there are slots with a fruit filling, slot machines with superheroes from comics and block-baster, famous lever one-armed sevens. Regardless of the choice of the player, and this may be the classic version or the new modern model of the device, the casinos offer to start the game without registering for virtual money. It is absolutely free, however, no less fun and promising. Having connected to the game slot, you can open the window and select the free mode. Credits are provided by the gaming club. If they run out, you can refresh the window again and continue training. This applies to any machine.

Main types

The largest group is automatic slot machines. They have a general principle of operation – dropping out the necessary combination of symbols or characters to get a win. The basis of any such system is a random number generator, issuing numerical sequences that are impossible to predict. After pressing the necessary button, the reels rotate, the speed of which depends on the installed generator. After the rotation stops, the player can see if he has a winning combination or not. The first simplest 3-drum machine appeared more than a hundred years ago. Over time, there is a constant improvement and development of automatic slots. All existing slot machines can be divided into several large groups:

  • Mechanical – the classic “one-armed gangster” is considered to be the classic version, to launch which, you should pull the lever. Today, they are considered obsolete, but still remain popular. Their characteristic feature is the presence of no more than 5 playing lines and no more than 3 reels. The number of possible combinations of pictures and numbers in such slots does not exceed 100;
  • Video – improved mechanical slots, with an increased number of reels (5 or more), as well as playing lines (up to 50). Their main difference is the presence of the screen, which shows the coincidence of characters.
  • Another major category is video poker. In fact, they represent the same slots, with the difference that the player will have to play the card game instead of dropping combinations. Video Poker is the most popular online card game. In such machines, the result is influenced not only by the random number generator and the theory of probability, but also by the choice of the player himself.

There are other types, for example, devices that stimulate roulette or any other board games, Z-D slots with bright and realistic animation, fruit slots.

Real and online slot machines

By the principle of territorial allocation, the following large groups are distinguished:

  • Real – located on the territory of the casino. With any questions regarding the features of their use or rates, you can always contact the employee of the institution. In most cases, they are also supplied with instructions for use. If the client wins, the winning amount is paid by the administrator;
  • Virtual – offering different types of games (both free and for money) in an online casino. As a rule, the game should be registered on the site. Such companies offer a much larger selection of games, and, in certain cases, more favorable conditions. Online slots have a much higher percentage of payments than real ones. With any question, the player can contact the support service, and the payment of the win occurs through various payment systems.

Other classification criteria

In addition to the above, there are other classification criteria:

  • number of drums;
  • symbolism;
  • class;
  • type of jackpot;
  • number of paylines.

By the number of reels

Rotary symbols, which are located on the front of the machine, are called a drum. In the simplest versions of mechanical automata, simply large coils made of metal alloys were used as drums. However, to date, the drums belong to exclusively representative (representative) function. Thus, in most cases, the drum simply plays the role of a screen on which specialized characters and pictures are displayed. By their number, the devices are of the following types:

  • 3-reel – classic slots, functioning according to the simple principle of “one-armed bandit.” It is very simple to play – just make a bet, press the button and wait for the reels to stop and the winning combination of symbols will fall out. The main features are the lack of high-tech animation and precise detailing, visual simplicity of perception of pictures;
  • 5 reels are the most common type today, thanks to interesting videos, vivid animation inside the game, the presence of mini-arcades and a much larger number of winning combinations compared to the previous view. They differ in themes and games;
  • 7-drum – differ by the lack of bonuses, modern graphic solutions and interesting design. However, there are only in online format.


The symbols on the reels correspond to the subject of a particular game. For example, in a game dedicated to comic book characters, their emblems and symbols are used. Characters that are winning, there are several basic types:

  • wild (older) – the main purpose of these characters is to replace any other slot on the screen. In some machines, such symbols mean an increase in cash rewards;
  • scatter (scatter) – a symbol that allows you to get a prize, even if the active combinations are not on the control lines;
  • bonus – Launches the bonus game, so it is quite rare.

Most American legal organizations divide all slot machines into 2 classes:

  • the third class is the classic Las Vegas-style slots that can be found at any major casino. The result of each round is determined during the rotation of the drums, and does not depend on each other;
  • second class – common in casinos owned by Indians in America. They have similarities with bingo or lotteries – players should win not from the institution, but from each other, by breaking the jackpot. Differ from second-class automata completely different mathematics and mechanisms. At the same time, the result of each round depends on the previous one – a certain amount of winning and losing combinations are laid in the machine itself.

Jackpot type

By type of jackpots, machines are divided into the following types:

  • fixed – such slots are called “flat”, and have a fixed maximum amount of winnings. This amount is somewhat lower compared to progressive machines, but the player’s chances of winning are much higher;
  • progressive – in these machines the jackpot is constantly growing, therefore it is very large. There is no maximum limit, and the percentage of each bet made is added to the total amount. After the “breakdown”, a new countdown begins. The progressive type jackpot can be unique – such machines are called “autonomous”. There are also common network jackpots, combining several slots within one or several casinos.

Pay lines

Slot machines vary in the payline:

  • in classic slots there is a single control line located in the center of 3 reels. In the case of a particular combination, the player receives the money;
  • modern slots can have from 3 to 25 control lines on 5 or more reels. Some lines are complex, but the player’s chances of at least a minimum win are slightly higher.

Now let’s talk about some of these points in detail.

Drums in gaming devices

Basically, the gaming machine has a reel that needs to be rotated, but now there are devices in which instead of it they use an object of a different shape, but the essence of the game does not change. The classic gaming machine has 3 reels, but devices with 5 and 7 reels are increasingly appearing. It is very rare to find a gaming machine, which has 9 reels. A slot machine with 3 reels is considered the most popular. The only problem with such devices is that they have little potential for combinations of pictures and numbers. There may be only a hundred. Therefore there are jackpot restrictions.

The 5-reel gaming machine is also quite popular, as it became possible to enjoy even more games. 5 reel slots hold game tournaments. Since all automata use the RNG (random number generator), the probability of hitting the jackpot is very real, especially considering that the player most often returns about 95% of the money invested. All 7 reels appear on the screen and are also launched using the RNG. In such devices there is a fairly simple payout system. If at least 3 symbols appear on the winning field, it means that cash will be paid out. Of all the slots, it is considered the least popular.

Slots characters

Symbols are used on the reels. For example, in the game “Bananas” the main symbol is a banana. In Marvella slots – these are symbols of superheroes and comic book characters. A modern slot machine has special characters that can award a player with a cash prize. Consider what characters are:

  • Wild symbol. Its main purpose is to replace another symbol on the screen of the machine. In some gaming machines, it can not only replace the other, but also contribute to an increase in the cash prize.
  • The scatter symbol, thanks to it, you can get a prize, even if the dropped combinations are not on the active line, because this symbol also applies to the following lines.
  • Bonus symbol. It is very important, and is not common, since its main purpose is to launch the bonus game.

For example, take imaginary game “Bananas”: the gaming machine has 5 reels and 9 winning lines. The eldest symbol is a banana. He has the right to replace any other characters except scatter symbols. The banana symbol makes the most money if a combination of 5 top characters is dropped on the game line. In this case, the player will receive 9 thousand credits. The bonus symbols in this game are Scatter. In case of their loss, the player receives additional bets and free games.


The jackpot is the biggest win on the slot machine and it can be increased depending on how the game will take place. There is also the so-called “Progressive Jackpot”, which is played on several slots of the same model, in different casinos. The likelihood that he will win is very small.

Probability of winning in slot machines

Even at the production stage, interest rates of interest are laid in the gaming machine. Basically, they are designed to give 90-95% of the amount that the player has bet. This is the so-called “theoretical winning percentage.” When this or that machine is in the process of developing everything is very carefully calculated, so that the casino receives a certain part of the profits.

So, in web network there is a lot of online games for fun. The most popular of these are slots, which in turn are divided into two types. Type one as we have already mentioned is classic slot machines, the second type – video slots. In each of this online game you can make bets, ranging from one cent to several thousand dollars. The first classic slot machine was created by Charles Augustus Fay and was called “Liberty Bell”. This machine was only three drums and one line. In modern online slot machines there are already 5 reels and up to 21 active lines. The casino opens its doors to all lovers of excitement.

To any fans of classic slots, any online casino offers a wide selection of free slot machines from various leading manufacturers of the gaming industry. The main advantage of the virtual gaming portal can be called the fact that only the best and most famous games of online casinos are collected there and at the same time fans of gambling can play them for free. But at the same time, no one paid proper attention to video slots, preferring to them the classic one-armed bandits. But then gradually people became interested in playing video slots and this type of slot machines began to gain popularity. The modern computer capabilities of video slots amaze both ordinary citizens and already avid players with their unrivaled interface and colorful pictures.

The gaming club has a large number of online video slots and one of the most recognized for players is “Banans go Bahamas”. The motto of this slot machine is literally the following expression: “Packing your bags and go to the Bahamas”. This fun slot machine, in which colorful characters are lit by their play and a completely unusual plot, is one of the best creations of Novomatic.

Apart from the usual video slots, there are also 3D slot machines with the highest sound quality. Animation in these machines is made in three-dimensional image. There is also a jackpot slot machine, in which a certain percentage of any new bet is added from each player’s bet. There are a lot of slot machine manufacturers. The pioneer is the company Criptologic. It was she who was honored to release the first software that made it possible to play real money on the Internet casino. Later, they had competitors – the company Microgaming and Starnet Communications, which was the first to propose the use of a progressive jackpot system. Today, one of the leading positions in the gaming machine market is occupied by Novomatics, which produces production support for many online casinos.